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Re: Fwd: Qumran Texts Found!! (fwd)

Concerning the recent finding of ostraca at Qumran:

>Two hebrew ostraca from the 2nd temple period- 1st cen CE- were
discovered yesterday in the Qumran national park. in one of them the
words "lo 'ammi" appear, among others.<

I wonder what might be the basis of the assertion that these fragments are
definitely first century CE (as opposed to BCE) -- since presumably there has
not been time to carbon-date them or whatever is done these days...
Also, how clear are the words asserted to read *lo 'ammi*?

I think everyone should hold their horses until appropriate testing and
scanning has been done.  Both of the above assertions obviously "fit" nicely
to a certain agenda that some individuals have in relation to the DSS -- an
agenda that desperately wants to find first cent. CE material propagating the
doctrine of supersession....  So I can't help wondering whether there has been
a bit of a "rush to judgment" here???

Judith Romney Wegner, Providence