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Re: Fwd: Qumran Texts Found!! (fwd)

The following appeared in ha'aretz 9 Feb. 96 by Merav Nesher (the 
newspaper's archaeology correspondent)

Two hebrew ostraca from the 2nd temple period- 1st cen CE- were 
discovered yesterday in the Qumran national park. in one of them the 
words "lo 'ammi" appear, among others.  The ostraca were unerathed by an 
archeological expedition headed by Prof. James Strange, U of S. Florida 
and Dr. Gary Kolat.  This is the first time in thirty years that ostraca 
were found at Qumran.
The ostraca were found by chance. in the last days, the epedition was 
engaged in excavating a large cistern near H. Qumran, using heavy 
equipment (bulldozers-VAH) The excavators hoped to uncover a small cave, 
but found nothing.  yesterday, with the completion of the dig and 
clearing the site, the two ostraca were discovered near on of the walls 
of the ruin which was, in the estimation of the ecavators, the community 
center of the Qumran sect (Like todays JCC-s? VAH).
The size of one ostracon was 5x8 cm. and on it were fourteen lines of 
hebrew writing.  The second measure 2x3 and had three lines of effaced 
writing.  Also discovered were fragments of various pottery vessels- 
cooking vessels from the first century CE, as small jug apparently from 
the Hasmonean period (2nd century BCE) and a vessel from the Persian period.
Prof. Strange, who also is digging in Sephoris, estimates that by 
computer scanning the photographs of the Hebrew inscriptions it will be 
possible to dicipher the inscriptions.  in his opoinos, the ostraca came 
from a large container. "Te discovery is likely to add important 
knowledge about the Qumran sect, and especially about the daily lives of 
the sectarians. In my estimation, the inscriptions are a list or a short 
letter" he said.
Exxcuse any inelegancies in the translation-

Victor Avigdor Hurowitz
Dept of Bible and ANE
Ben Gurion University
Beer Sheva, ISRAEL