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Re: The language question

With respect, I believe you have misread this: the Greek transliteration is
sabaCHthani (with a X -- i.e., Gk. letter chi).  This is probably the closest
Greek could come to representing Hebrew gutturals like het, khaf, or even
qof.  It definitely does not represent a "sh".  The initial s, of course,
can and does represent a "sh"  So the root letters are most likely  $-b-q.
Add to that the quotation from Psalms (where the Hebrew has 'azabtani -- which
in Aramaic translation is $ebaqtani), and we can see there's nothing whatsoever
garbled about the Hebrew transliteration!
As for the other question, yes, talitha is Aramaic for little girl.
So, no need to make mountains out of molehills!