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Re: crosspost from Ioudaios

Re David Suter's response.

Do I understand correctly:
a. You are maintaining the continued use of Hebrew throughout the period.
b. You are asking why the Enochic literature uses Aramaic.
c. You are also asking why the Qumran community, which has taken over
pre-Qumran Aramaic Enoch, does not continue to compose in Aramaic.

If this understanding is corret, allow me to add some further data.
I just read an article by Devorah Dimant giving percentages of Hebrew
and Aramaic in the Qumran finds. It is not at hand at present (it was
in the Jacob Millgrom FS). Might I point out that the issues does not
only touch on Enoch?
a. GenApoc and Levi aram and New Jerusalem, to mention a few, are in
b. So are the narratives of Daniel 2-6 and the vision of Daniel 7.
c. So is Tobit.

1Q19, a birth of Noah text analogous with 1 Enoch 106-107 is in Hebrew.
So is Jubilees.

Is the question one of:
a. Date.
b. Milieu
c. Genre

or some mixture of the three.

I do not have the figures here either, but the percentages of Hebrew,
Greek and Aramaic on sacrophagi in the 2-1 centuries BCE are probably

Michael Stone