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Re: crosspost from Ioudaios


My original interest in this particular discussion as it unfolded on 
Ioudaios was in nuancing an observation by Judith Wegner that the 
Pseudepigrapha reflected the use of Hebrew as a facet or convention of 
the production of literature ascribed to ancient sages.  I noted that 
the Enochic literature found at Qumran was in Aramaic (it seems to me that this 
literature did not originate there but predates the emergence of that 
community).  The question that *might* be worth some discussion on Orion 
it seems to me is not the continuation of Hebrew but the use of Aramaic 
in the Enochic literature:  if the use of Aramaic in a kind of religious 
literature is a departure that is not followed in a community that seems 
to make use of that literature, what does that tell us about the Enochic 
literature or the development of literature in that period?


David Suter
Saint Martin's College

On Sat, 20 Jan 1996 STONE@vms.huji.ac.il wrote:

> Is Paul Flesher's question about factors perhaps characterizing
> or determining use of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek ( I suppose
> Jews did not use other languages that might have been around, or
> did they?) a question about literary language, written language
> or spoken language.
> Michael Stone