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Re: read before you rape

To all concerned:

I was not criticizing Cryer, but rather the extensive crossposting on Orion
of a discussion which is meaningless on a long settled issue.  I meant that
the discussion of this as if it were an open issue is "amateurish prattle."
Sorry if this was misunderstood.

L. Schiffman

At 11:40 AM 1/19/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Prof. Schiffmann--
>I'll try not to get as huffy as you seem to be, but...wouldn't it be 
>an idea to actually *read* a post that you actually agree with before 
>slaughtering its author?
>My point is precisely that NT scholars have been claiming for 
>donkey's years that Hebrew was either dead or declining ("falling 
>into desuetude" in my text), and that, on the contrary, there is rich 
>evidence to show that it was productive on both written and spoken 
>levels. Judith Wegner seems to think that it was merely a written 
>language kept bookishly alive by a few rabbis; I regard that, as you 
>seem to, as nonsense.
>Frederick H. Cryer
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