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Re: New DSS list

>The Orion Center is happy to announce the inauguration of its Orion
>LISTSERV Network. Scholars and others with an interest in the Dead
>Sea Scrolls are encouraged to join this network and make a contribution
>to the international discussion of these significant documents. Please
>pass this message on to friends, colleagues and others who may be
>interested in discussion of this topic.

Please note that I have added a subscription page for your list to the
AnthroNet. You will find the link at:


Please let me know if there are any future changes (i.e., in the majordomo
address), or if you would like to alter the description of your email list.



David E. Wheeler, Archaeology Graduate Student
Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia
Email: Wheeler@Virginia.edu
WWW:   http://darwin.clas.virginia.edu/~dew7e/