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Resouurces for reading the DSS

REPLY FROM: Chazon Esther
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Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 22:02:10 +0800
From: kenneth@sybase.com (Kenneth Litwak)
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Subject: Resouurces for reading the DSS
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    I'm looking for some advice please on tools/ponies for reading the DS in
the original umpointed Hebrew.  I'm taking a doctoral seminar next semester
on Qumran Literature and after the difficulty I had this last semester reading
AMos, Isa 1-5 and Micah in pointed Hebrew, and all the words I know that
have the same consonatns but totally different meanings with

different vowels, I'm pretty hesitant about trying to read anything without
vowel points or my parsing guide.  Are there any tools, like a
tagged version or some kind of readers's

s' lexicon.  I don't even know where to look up non-biblical words.
What I'd really like is an Owens for the DSS.  Barring that, what's
avaialble to use for help?  Thanks in advance.

Ken Litwak
Bezerkley, CA

There is an excellent Historical Lexicon of the Hebrew Language put out on
microfiche by the Israel Academy of Sciences.  It covers Ben Sira, Scrolls
published until DJD 7 (1982) and tannaitic literature.  The glossary at the
end of Qimron's grammar (The Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls) is excellent
although a partial listing (and not pointed).
Esther Chazon
Associate Director, Orion Center
Hebrew Univ