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Re: Naphtali

Another instance where Naphtali is, perhaps, singled out, occurs in Jubilees
34:20-21. There the names of Jacob's sons' wives are listed. For Yehuda and
Joseph the names are already given in Genesis: Bat-Shu'a the Canaanite and
Osnath the Egyptian. Shimeon's wife was also a Caanaanite, but then he has
taken a second one, Aramean (her name is not given). The way this is told, in
verse 21, gives the impression that the other brothers have also taken
Aramean wives, but this is stated explicitely only for Levi, whose wife was
even of the family of Terach, and for Naphtali, whose wife was Rusha the
Aramean. For the seven remaining brothers only the names of the wives are
given, not their nationality.
                                                            Avinoam Mann