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Re: place name in 4Q537?

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>Dear colleagues,
>        In reading the fragments of 4Q537 (PAM 43.599) I have come across
>the following text which I cite through transliteration: *`lwhy krypw byn
>mdy lprs w'twr*. Given that *mdy*, *prs*, and *'twr* refer to Media,
>Persia, and Assyria respectively, what does *krypw* represent? These
>letters on the line seem to be rather clear. I would be grateful for any
>ideas, as I have not as yet come across this word/place name.

What about a different view?
If *krypw* from *k-rypw* (you can find a *rypwy* in Jastrow dictionary of
the Talmud)? 
His root means 'to be healed, relieved', so *rypw*=health. 
Umberto Pace
Istituto di Glottologia e Lingue Orientali
Universit di Milano

"Guardia! Che sara' oltre la notte?
Guardia! Che sara' oltre la notte?"
La guardia dice: "Il mattino
ma anche la notte;
se cercate, cercate ancora
cambiate strada, venite".
(Isaia 21, vv.11b-12)