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Re: Naphtali


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Some food for thought as you meditate on Naphtali:  it seems to me that the 
value of the Tobit references goes beyond the specific citations of the name of 
the tribe, since the theme of family or clan cohesion is integral to the plot 
of the book.  What to make of the choice of Naphtali is hard to say, 
however:  it could be a device of fiction through selection of an obscure 
tribe, or it could reflect the continued existence of a tribal unit.  It 
is interesting that Tobit pictures the family as insisting upon worship 
at Jerusalem rather than at Dan prior to deportation to Ninevah.  Is 
there any archaeological evidence outside of the extant literature for the 
continued use of the names of tribes in general or Naphtali specifically during 
the Persian and Greek periods?  Wasn't Tobit present at Qumram?

I hope some of this will be helpful.


David Suter
Saint Martin's College