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still trying to get through, so please edit response accordingly. thank you

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Subject: Naphtali

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Subject:  Re: Naphtali

Dear David.

I think you are right, in the substance of it, as the matter
relates to Greek TNaph in T.Patr. However, the problem arises
in the Hebrew material, from 4Q, Jerahmeel and the medieval
Hebrew Apocalypse. I tried to work out why Naphtali was so
important. The only thing I came with is Tobit's genealogy.
You added the possible NT refs, building on a comment by
Cynthia. So far we have come! Now we need more input or
else some time for meditation.

The possible analogy with the Hermon material came to mind
because of GWEN's work on the headwaters of Dan.

But, there we stand. Does anybody know any further
scraps in the literary deposit which suggest a particular
role of Naphtali? I have combed Kasher, for example, without
coming up with a particularly rewarding harvest.

Michael Stone