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Extract of letter from Prof. Emanuel Tov

Extract from a note from Prof. Emanuel Tov.

You will probably want to know that the second edition of the companion
volume to the Brill Edition has now appeared. The full name is:

Emanuel Tov with the collaboration of Stephen J. Pfann, companion volume to
the Dead Sea Scrolls Microfiche Edition, second revised edition, Leiden, 

Unlike the first edition of the companion volume, this edition is available
separately, without connection to the microfiche edition itself. Brill tell
me that the price is 80 DFl for those who own the microfiche edition and 120
DFl for others.

The revisions of the second edition pertain mainly to the lists of documents
and photographs in chapter 2, as well as to the Bibliography. In both of
these , many details have been corrected and updated. Some names of
compositions have changed. The fragments of some compositions have been
combined, and in other cases 2 different compositions have been 
recognised in
fragments which hitherto have been regarded as a single composition.

Corrections sent by our colleagues have been taken into account, and we also
encourage you to continue sending such corrections.

Unfortunately, we do not have a separate list recording the differences
between the first and second edition of the companion volume.