Past Programs and Projects


January 28, 2015: "Saluting the Completion of the Orion Bibliography Updating Project and the 20th Anniversary of the Orion Center."
Presenters and subjects were:
Esther Chazon: Opening remarks
Pnina Shor (Israel Antiquities Authority): "The Documentation of the Scrolls and the Bibliography Project"
Shlomi Efrati: "The Updated Orion Bibliography Project"
Menahem Kister: "Sectarian Scrolls and Rabbinic Literature"
Michael Segal: "The Woman from Proverbs in New (Theological) Garb - A Study of 4Q184 and 4Q525"
Noam Mizrahi: "Text, Language, and Interpretation of a Biblical Passage from Qumran"

April 27, 2015: "Colloquium on the Qumran Scrolls":
Jonathan Ben-Dov (University of Haifa): "Studying the Book of Hagu: Education and Adolescence in the Yahad"
Eshbal Ratzon (Tel-Aviv University; Orion Matlow Scholar 2012-2013): "Tours and Gates: Cosmic Geography in 1 Enoch"
Mechael Osband (Bar-Ilan University; Orion Matlow Scholar 2014-2015): "Pottery Workshops in Israel in Roman Times, as Compared to the Qumran Site"


April 18, 2013: Workshop: New Readings in the Scrolls
Mr. Chanan Ariel , Dr. Alexey (Eliyahu) Yuditsky, Prof. Elisha Qimron : "The Pesher on the Periods Scrolls (4Q180-4Q181) in Light of New Readings "

The workshop offered new readings in sections of 4Q180, using the new photographs recently published the Israel Antiquities Authority in the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Online Digital Library. These readings shed new light on the connections between the content and structure of the text. In the light of these new readings, the presenters revisited the question of the relationship between 4Q180 and 4Q181, as well as matters of interpretation and language that contribute to the understanding of these passages.
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March 2012: Enoch Seminar

A series of three faculty/graduate seminars conducted by Prof. Loren T. Stuckenbruck, of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and Orion Distinguished Visiting Professor for Spring 2012.

Reading 1 Enoch: Text, Interpretation and Theology*

1. Thursday, March 15, 2012
2. Monday, March 19, 2012
3. Thursday, March 22, 2012

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The Seminars offered 1) a critical overview of 1 Enoch: sources and the status quaestionis regarding historical and theological issues arising from the material; 2) discussion of the Aramaic fragments from Qumran and their value for text-critical work; 3) an overview of current research on the finding and accessing of Ethiopic manuscripts which contribute significantly to text-critical work.

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December 28, 2011. Evening Colloquium to Celebrate the Publication of Two New Books by Prof. Michael E. Stone:
Ancient Judaism: New Visions and Views. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2011.
Noah and His Book(s). Edited with Aryeh Amihay and Vered Hillel. SBL Early Judaism and Its Literature 28. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2010.

Prof. Menahem Kister (The Hebrew University): "Enoch, Noah, Abraham: Competition among Biblical Figures in Postbiblical Literature"
Dr. Esther Chazon (The Hebrew University): "Text, Traditions, and Religious Experience in the Hodayot"
Dr. Alexander Kulik (The Hebrew University): "Language and Imagination: Linguistic Factors in the Development of Apocalyptic Traditions"

Scrolls Forum 2000-2004

January the 13th, 2004
A special program to mark the end of the Ninth International Symposium of the Orion Center will be held on Tuesday, January the 13th, 2004 at 20:00 at the Israel Museum, Moadon Hashocharim
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Qumran and Early Christianity: Scholars' Panel

Greeting: Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator, Shrine of the Book
Moderator: Dr. David Satran, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Oded Irshai, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Israel Knohl, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr. Daniel Stoekl Ben-Ezra, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Jointly Sponsored by the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls
and the Shrine of the Book, Israel Museum

Lectures in Hebrew
Museum Entrance Fee

June 10 , 2003
"Envisioning the Temple: Scrolls, Stones, and Symbols"
Sponsored by the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrew University, in cooperation with the Shrine of the Book, Israel Museum
Speakers: Prof. Hanan Eshel, Bar-Ilan University: "The Temple Scroll: 25 Years After"
Dr. Aharon Shemesh, Bar-Ilan University: "Jerusalem of the Temple Scroll"
19:30, Israel Museum.

March 13, 2003
Orion Tour to the Shrine of the Book:
On Thursday, 9 Adar, 13 March, 2003, the Orion Center arranged a tour of the Israel Museum's Shrine of the Book for University President, Prof. Menachem Magidor; Rector, Prof. Haim Rabinowitch; Pro-Rector, Prof. Mara Beller; and Vice President and Director General, Mr. Moshe Vigdor. The tour was led by Dr. Esther Chazon, Orion Center Director, and Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator, the Shrine of the Book. Dr. Sylvia Rosenberg, Chief Curator of the Israel Museum's Archaeology Department, also took part.

The program began with an explanation of the Shrine's regular exhibits. The visitors were also admitted to the "safe room" where the scrolls belonging to the Hebrew University are kept. Ms. Penina Shor, Director of the Artifacts Treatment and Conservation Department of the Israel Antiquities Authority, conducted the group through the Scrolls Preservation Laboratory, where they learned how the scrolls are restored and preserved. The event concluded with a luncheon in the Museum's Atrium Restaurant, where participants were joined by Prof. Michael Stone, Head of the Orion Center's Academic Committee, and Mr. James Snyder, the Israel Museum's Director.

Picture 1 : Mr. Vigdor, Prof. Beller, Dr. Chazon, Prof. Magidor, Prof. Rabinowitch, and Dr. Roitman outside the Shrine of the Book.
Picture 2 : Ms. Shor, Dr. Chazon, Dr. Roitman, Prof. Rabinowitch, Prof. Magidor, Mr. Vigdor, and Prof. Beller examining a scroll.
Picture 3 : Prof. Stone with Prof. Rabinowitch, Mr. Snyder, and Prof. Magidor, at the Atrium.

Pontifical Biblical Institute Lectures 1999-2009

The lectures are sponsored by the Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Rothberg International School, Division of Graduate Programs..
The lectures, given in English, are held at the PBI and designed for students at the Pontifical Biblical Institute and the Hebrew University Division of Graduate Programs.
The seminars convene in Room 2001/2, Rabin World Center of Jewish Studies, Mt. Scopus, Hebrew University

2008 -2010 December 22, 2009
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem/ Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls/ Mandel Institute for Jewish Studies Center for the Study of Christianity Division of Graduate Studies of the Rothberg International School/ and the Pontifical Biblical Institute
invite you to the annual lecture in memory of Ms. Miriam Sheffer.
DR. MICHAEL SEGAL (Department of Bible, Faculty of Humanities):
5:30 P.M., Boyar Bldg., Room 200
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December 2, 2008.
Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies/ The Rothberg International School / The Center for the Study of Christianity/ The Pontifical Biblical Institute Lectures in Memory of Miriam Sheffer
6:00 p.m. Prof. Deborah Gera , (Department of Classics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): "Women who Wrestle with God (and Men)" (in English). (In order to read the abstract please click here)
Boyar Bldg. (The Rothberg International School ), Room 100.