Orion Center Governing Committees

Executive Committee

  1. Prof. Steven Fassberg, Head of the Orion Academic Committee
  2. Prof. Esther G. Chazon, Director of the Orion Center
  3. Prof. Michael Segal, Head of the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies

Academic Committee

  1. Chair: Prof. Steven Fassberg, Department of Hebrew Literature
  2. Prof. Esther Chazon, Department of Hebrew Literature
  3. Prof. Michael Segal, Director of the Mandel Institute for Jewish Studies (ex officio)
  4. Dr. Noah Hacham, Department of Jewish History
  5. Prof. Paula Fredriksen, Department of Comparative Religion
  6. Prof. Menahem Kister, Departments of Bible and Talmud
  7. Prof. Emanuel Tov, Department of Bible